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Group Therapies

Men's Alternatives to Violence

We offer two groups focused on improviing men's relationships.  Each group is designed to help men identify and develop satisfying intimate relationships and increase ability to resolve conflict in intimate relationships in a healthy, egalitarian way.


Please contact our coordinator, Dr. Carol Reid,  at 847-483-0800 to schedule an intake.  Participants may be self or court referred.  These groups are offered weekly and throughout the year. 

Women's Alternatives to Violence

This group is for women who are struggling with interpersonal violence in their relationships.  This group will focus on how to identify and maintain satisfying romantic relatiionships and break the cycle of domestic violence within one's home.  Participants will learn how to resolve conflict within their intimate relationships and relate to others in a healthy and safe way.


Please contact our coordinator, Dr. Carol Reid, at 847-483-0800 to schedule an intake and learn if this group is right for you.  Participants may be self or court referred.  This group is offered weekly throughout the year.


Anger Management I

Do you feel like your anger is in the driver's seat, causing problems in your relationships, at work and in the neighborhood or community?  Anger Management I is a four session group that focuses on helping participants learn new strategies for regaining their control over this complex emotion.  


Please contact our office at 847-483-0300 to schedule an intake to begin this journey towards increased self-control. 


Co-Parenting Skills: Keeping Children First

Coping with a divorce or separation can be a difficult process for adults.  Our Co-Parenting Skills Group teaches the tools necessary to develop a positive co-parenting relationship, with a focus on how to prioritize your child(ren)'s needs. Sessions focus on developing co-parenting guidelines; effective communication between co-parents; and develping a parenting plan and workable family schedule. 


Each parent participates in an individual intake appointment to discuss their challenges, hopes and goals for the intervention.  The groups meet for 90 min. to 2 hours each week, with planned topics and skill building with other parents who are invested in supporting their children through this challenging time.  While parents who are separating would both benefit from this program, they do not have to attend the same group in order to build their skills. 


Parents can contact Fareha Ansari, Parenting Skills Coordinator, at 847-483-0800 to schedule an intake appointment.  Parents seeking co-parenting therapy to focus on more specific concerns can contact Carol Reid, Psy.D., at (847) 483-0800.

Parenting Skills

Raising children is one of the most rewarding  and demanding experiences one can take on.  Children do not come with an instruction manual of how to address every situation and challenge.  Allow our team of clinicians to work with you to provide support, education and strategies for parenting the one at home, whether they are two or 16. 


This group offers both group instruction as well as individual consultation to address more specific challenges a parent is encountering.  Please contact our Parenting Skills Coordinator, Fareha Ansari, at 847-483-0800 to schedule an individualized assessment and develop a parenting skills program that meets your needs.

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