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Commonly Asked Questions about Divorce Mediation

How does court ordered divorce mediation work?


All parents, within 120 after service or filing of any petition for allocaton of parental responsibilties must file with the court, either jointly or separately, a proposed parenting plan.  While mediation can be a voluntary process, some parents are court ordered to formulate or modify a parenting plan if they have been unable to reach agreement.  Parents meet with the mediator separately for the initial visit and then jointly until all decisions have been made by parents and summarized in writing by the mediator.


What is the cost of mediation?


An average of five to six hours is needed to create a parenting plan.  While this is the average, cooperation in the process will either help or hinder achieving an agreement.  Continued conflict will lead to greater time and financial investment in mediation or a judge ruling on issues that cannot be resolved.


Who can be a divorce mediator?


In the state of Illinois, divorce mediators may be mental health professionals or attorneys.  Both have training in mediation.


Do I still need an attorney?


While retaining an attorney is recommended by most mediators for the other legal aspects of divorce, the attorney acting as a mediator may not represent either party in the divorce.


Meet Laura Gebhardt, LCSW

"As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have been helping children and families for over twenty years.  I have the skill set to efficiently and inexpensively facilitate your parenting agreement.  As a neutral in the mediation, but with your child's best interests in mind, I guide you thruough thep rocess of decision making so that your child 'wins' and has the best of both of his/her parents going forward."

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