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Mediation & Parenting

When families separate, break up or re-form, there can be many questions about how best to support children.  We offer guidance for parents and/or caregivers through these transitions with our Mediation Service.  A mediator is a neutral third party, guiding parents to come to an agreement on a variety of important topics.  Our Mediation Service helps parents safely and openly discuss individaul concerns and wants in order to find a shared common ground.  This allows for decision making that is in their children's best interests.


Areas commonly addressed through mediation include:

  • Education
  • Religion
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Medical, dental and behavioral health care
  • Day to day scheduling
  • Vacations and holidays, as well as travel


The process of mediation keeps the focus on the children while empowering parents to resolve conflict through negotiation and open communication.  Tools for expressing different perspectives and wishes, as well as the ability to address conflict and compromise will be taught.  By working together, parents are able to build a more positive relationship and create a healthy parent alliance. 


Why is Mediation Recommended?

Mediation is a confidential process.  Your personal information is kept between you and the mediator.  A litigated divorce is public and your personal information can be shared in open court.


In mediation, you keep control of decisions and negotiate what will work best for your family's future.  You have the greatest autonomy over scheduling, parenting and collaborating during the mediation process.  If you have not come to an agreement, the judge then decides for you on the court's timeline, often making it a more difficult plan to follow.


Mediation helps preserve family relationships by encouraging communication, fostering understanding and reducing the conflict between the parties.


An agreement reached mutually will result in both parents having a greater chance of following the plan and avoiding additional time and cost of appearing in court.


Mediation is a lower cost option.  Mediation fees of $150 per hour with an average of 5 hours is much less costly than each parent retaining an attorney for $350 per hour or more.  The cost of an expensive divorce often leaves parents feeling resentful in the end, making parenting together more difficult.


Mediation is less stressful than litigation, especially for chidren.  Custody trials may require your children to be interviewed or to appear in court.  Your children may feel pressure to support one parent over another.

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