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Associates in Human Development Counseling, LLC


Psychological Evaluations

Our skilled clinicians provide Court mandated psychological evaluations. Our evaluations are tailored to the unique needs of the Court and individual and, therefore, cost and scope vary from case to case. 

Child Custody Evaluations

Dr. David Finn has conducted child custody evaluations for the past 14 years.

215 Evaluations

Dr. David Finn offers court ordered 215 evaluations.

Group Counseling

Anger Management

Our 4-week anger management program will introduce you to strategies for managing your anger in a healthy and safe way, help you understand your unique anger triggers, and teach you about the functions of anger/aggression.

Parenting Skills Class

Our 4-week parenting skills class will teach you age-appropriate strategies for connecting with your children, managing behaviors, and resolving conflict.

Men's Domestic Violence

We are proud to offer state certified Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) counseling. Our 24-week program helps men develop alternatives to violence and establish and maintain healthy relationships.

Women's Domestic Violence

We are proud to offer Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) compliant counseling for women. Our 24-week program will teach you skills for establishing rewarding and fulfilling relationships.

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